Modern grinding wheels with reduced amount of harmful substances

Technology for the natural environment

Zakład Wytwarzania Artykułów Ściernych ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES Robert Andre is implementing the project titled "Technology of manufacturing grinding wheels with resin bond with reduced amount of harmful substances emitted to the environment No. PKWiU 26.81Z" with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (Innovation Grants).

The aim of the project is to develop technology for the production of abrasive tools with a resin bond characterized by lower emissions of harmful substances both in the production process and during the operation of these tools.

As part of the activities, detailed research was carried out on the properties and mutual interaction of selected raw materials used in the production of abrasive tools. A Research and Development Department was established and equipped with the necessary equipment, and production equipment was purchased to enable the start of production according to the developed technology. A series of technological trials were carried out, as a result of which a technology was developed that meets the adopted design assumptions and is the subject of patent application P.390049. The abrasive tool manufacturing technology developed as a result of the planned research, after its implementation in the production process, is expected to lead to the receipt of products with strength and operating parameters higher than standard, more attractive in terms of price and posing less danger to the user and the environment.

Project value: 609,743.20 PLN
European Union share: 337,385.61 PLN
Implementation period: 01.12.2008 - 30.09.2011