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oSa safety symbol — what is it and what does it mean?

In the fast-paced world of industry and manufacturing, safe working conditions is a priority. One of the key aspects of safety is the use of tools and materials that have undergone rigorous testing. The oSa certificate, guarantees compliance with the highest standards. What does the oSa logo mean for the abrasives industry? Find the answer below!

What is the oSa safety symbol?
The oSa logo can be found on abrasive products from leading companies. The oSa certification means that both the product itself and the method of its production have been checked for compliance with rigorous standards for the safety of abrasive tools.

oSa certification process – from testing to labelling
For manufacturers, obtaining a certificate is a process that requires careful compliance with the safety requirements for abrasive tools. For abrasive tool users, the oSa symbol confirms the product has been manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable safety standards. This means less risk of accidents and injuries.

The oSa symbol as a guarantee of safety and quality
For manufacturers, it is a commitment to meet standards, and for users – it is a guarantee that the tools they use are free of defects. More than just a label on a product, the oSa logo is a promise of safety, quality and reliability.