Over 35 years of experience

A strong European brand, built from scratch


A leader in the abrasive tool industry with a strong presence in the domestic and international markets, cooperating with a group of more than 1,000 regular customers at home and abroad.

Manufacturer of professional abrasive tools

Family-owned company

ANDRE is a Polish family-owned company that designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of resin and vitrified bonded abrasive tools for roughing and precision machining of many types of materials.
ANDRE manufactures both universal, typical abrasive tools and products to individual orders.


ANDRE's mission is to achieve a significant position on the domestic and foreign markets in the abrasive industry based on knowledge, experience and stability, which combined with a sense of bond with employees and the external environment, will create the image of a strong Polish Brand.
ANDRE's offer is directed primarily to professional users in many industrial sectors who are looking for safe abrasive tools with a favorable price-quality ratio.


We want to be seen as a stable, dynamically developing company, highly rated in the abrasive tool industry in terms of:

1. Quality and repeatability of our production process:
limiting the number of complaints to incidental cases.
2. Safety at work in our plant and in use of our products:
eliminating accidents at work and during operation of our grinding wheels.
3. Care for the natural environment:
no excess emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

Universal and specialized abrasive tools

Cooperation with representatives of many industries

ANDRE tools are widely used in many industries, such as railroad construction, toolmaking, automotive, bearing, metallurgy, foundry, and even the food, medical and tobacco industries.