Over 35 years of experience

A strong European brand, built from scratch


Do you want to expand your business and grow together with us? Become a business partner of ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES.

ANDRE is one of the national leaders in the abrasive industry. The company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of professional abrasive tools for more than 35 years. At ANDRE, efforts are made to ensure that the quality of service stands at the highest level, maintaining an individual approach to each customer, supporting partners with the necessary sales and marketing instruments.

Professional product + support

ANDRE provides its partners with:

  • professional products - appreciated all over the world
  • professional advice, including technical expert assistance (TOK)
  • convenient ordering - in traditional way or electronically, including a B2B platform (IZAM)
  • efficient logistics
  • product training, workshops and integration meetings
  • loyalty programs
  • individual discounts flexibly adjusted to orders

Promotional campaigns and advertising

Extensive marketing support:

  • attractive promotions (see example of promotions)
  • points of sale marking
  • outdoor advertising (banners, rollups)
  • advertising and information materials: catalogues, flyers, price lists, racks and displays
  • tests, demonstrations of the use of abrasive tools (demobus)

Join the Group of ANDRE Distributors!

ANDRE is a reliable business partner, ensuring stable and long-term cooperation. At ANDRE, employees are proud from the fact that ANDRE abrasive tools are very popular among customers, and the brand is becoming more recognizable every day. The development of the company, as well as Andre's effective cooperation with clients, proves many years of good partnership relations.

If you want to become a distributor of ANDRE abrasive tools, please contact us.