ANDRE has its own R&D department. This gives a genuine opportunity to improve the technological process, which allows for the permanent development of the company and allows to compete in terms of new solutions and product quality.

In-house R & D department

Research brings new opportunities and benefits

The direction for new solutions plus our own modern laboratory is a recipe for success. It is also the freedom and independence of creative work on ANDRE's own ideas.
The research works carried out at ANDRE, also the exchange of scientific knowledge is simply used to develop products with unique technical parameters, better than those offered by the competition


Quality born inside the company

With the help of the laboratory, ANDRE refines the bonds used in production and searches for new, more innovative ones. An example is the recently developed glass-crystal bond. The company is also conducting research to improve the performance of grinding wheels. For instance a new resin mixture has been introduced recently in the popular Type 41, 1-mm-thick cuting-off wheels.
One of the results of the search for own innovations is the technology of manufacturing abrasive tools with pore agent, both in the case of grinding wheels with small induced porosity and large-pore vitrified wheels.

Exchange of scientific information

Cooperation with scientific centers brings real results

ANDRE has an ongoing, effective exchange of scientific information with various entities on new developments. For many years, various scientific projects were developed together with Koszalin University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology, Rzeszow University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Bydgoszcz University of Technology and scientific and research institutions such as Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Krakow.