TYPE 5210


Cylindrical mounted points TYPE 5210 are designed for precise and rough grinding with hand grinders. They are used for machining cast iron, steel, cast steel workpieces. They work with straight pneumatic and electric hand grinders.

ANDRE TYPE 5210 resin-bonded mounted points are manufactured on the basis of, among others, brown aluminium oxide (95A), zirconia aluminium oxide (ZRA) and black silicon carbide. For special applications, ANDRE also offers other combinations of abrasive grains with excellent performance characteristics.

5210 - D x T x S
Examples of labeling:
5210 - 16x40x6-10AZ24V8B513-40



Parameters of the offered abrasive tools of the presented type

TYPE 5210
Dimensions [mm]
D T min T max S
10 20 20 6
13 20 20 6
16 20 40 6
20 20 50 6
25 13 50 6
30 13 40 6
40 13 40 6
30 40 8
50 13 40 6
30 40 8

*) Other parameters available according to individual arrangements.

The presented abrasive tools ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES have been manufactured based on knowledge and long-term experience of cooperation with customers.

Since the beginning of its activity, ANDRE company has been focusing on high quality of its products. At ANDRE, every effort is made to ensure that products meet customers' individual needs and satisfy their highest expectations even in the most difficult grinding operations.

Abrasive tools by ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES are safe.

ANDRE gradually improves its technological process to offer abrasive tools with increasingly better usability and a high safety factor in accordance with the applicable standards. Membership in organizations of leading abrasive tool manufacturers and regular certification fully confirm that.