41. Bieg Warciański with a solid cast

ANDRE Team in action

On October 24, the 41st International Bieg Warciański was held in Koło. 

At the starting line of one of the oldest running events in Poland, organized continuously since 1981, 470 participants came to Koło. The best runners and runners from all over Poland, who, as every year, had a 10 km route to cover. Kamil Karbowiak and Izabela Paszkiewicz - a runner from Terespol set an unofficial Polish record ran the fastest. The run was also attended by runners from ANDRE TEAM, which is already a proud tradition.
On November 7, 2021, as part of the Warciański Run, there were Children's and Youth Races, in which ANDRE also actively participated. Beautiful weather, good organization and great willingness to compete made all the participants of the run reach the finish line.
Congratulations to all competitors on the results and the fact that despite the difficult situation in the country, they have not given up coming to the competition. Today we invite you to the next edition of the Bieg Warciański!