ANDRE sells abrasive tools and services to entrepreneurs on the basis of proven contractual principles (general terms and conditions of the contract) developed over the years of the company's operation in the market.


I. Orders and individual requests
II. Standards and certificates
III. Prices and payments
IV. Deliveries
V. Packaging
VI. Claims
VII. Final provisions

I. Orders and individual requests

1. ANDRE sells abrasive tools and services B2B and does not retail products at its headquarters.
2. Orders are accepted in writing (via e-mail):
- e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.;
3. Each order is registered, confirmed in writing (by e-mail) and binds the parties after written confirmation by ANDRE (via e-mail).
4. Orders for standard products (in stock) are processed within two business days.
5. Orders for custom and specialized products are being completed:
- within 9 weeks - in case of vitrified bonded tools,
- within 7 weeks – in case of resin bonded tools
6. For non-standard grinding wheels, a quantitative manufacturing tolerance of ±10% (not less than 1 piece) is assumed.
7. ANDRE carries out individual orders for dimensional rework of abrasive tools being in stock, after prior agreement on the cost and timing of such operation.
8. The order is complete if the following data has been given:
- quantity,
- type, shape / profile,
- dimensions,
- technical characteristics,
- required operating speed.
9. Cancellation of an order is possible after prior written agreement with the sales department. In case of cancellation of an order in production, the customer covers the costs incurred by ANDRE up to the date of such cancellation.

II. Standards and certificates

1. ANDRE's products meet the requirements of European safety standards EN 12413 for bonded abrasive tools and EN 13236 for superhard abrasive tools.
2. At the customer's request, ANDRE issues a "Declaration of Conformity" of products.
3. ANDRE's certificates are available for download at (downloads/Information)
4. ANDRE's abrasive tools do not endanger health in the sense of the principles of criminal law, orders and regulations. The tools are free of antimony, lead, cadmium, asbestos and do not contain free phenol and free formaldehyde. They are not subject to the mandatory labeling provided for in the regulations on harmful materials.

III. Prices and payments

1. Prices for ANDRE's products can be found in the current price list.
2. Transaction prices take into account:
- basic discount,
- discount for wheels type 41, 42, 27 reinforced,
- discount for on-time payments,
- discount for processing orders through the ordering platform (IZAM).
3. The forms of payment agreed with the customer in the range: from cash on delivery to a period of 30 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The payment term affects the amount of the basic discount.
4. Unpaid dues on time result in the blocking of further shipments and the acceptance of new orders.
5. Interruption of business relations (lack of purchases) for a period of 6 months will result in the termination of the agreed terms of business.

IV. Deliveries

1. Delivery of the order to the customer is carried out only through courier companies, which means that it is not possible to pick up goods with your own transport from ANDRE's warehouse.
2. At the customer's request, ANDRE can ship the goods to a specified address other than the customer's registered office.
3. The right to dispose of the goods as owner passes in full to the Customer upon release of the goods. Release of goods to the carrier takes place at the time of receipt of goods from ANDRE's warehouse (i.e. loading of goods and confirmation of receipt).
4. The cost of delivery shall be borne by the Customer, purchasing ANDRE products, unless the value of the shipment exceeds the set limit. In such a case, the cost is covered by ANDRE.
5. Cash on delivery is an additional service and its cost is added to the invoice.

V. Packaging

1. The products are sold in full packages. Information on packaging can be found in the applicable price list. 2. It is possible to purchase products in incomplete packaging. Then the purchaser bears an additional fee.

VI. Claims

1. The customer who has purchased ANDRE products in the event of failure to meet the terms of the contract or the requirements formulated in the order, may submit a complaint in writing, electronically (by e-mail) or by telephone. (see VI. point 3.)
2. When submitting a complaint, full information must be provided, in particular:
- marking and characteristics of the goods under the complaint,
- lot number, identification data placed on the product and/or packaging,
- date of delivery and invoice number,
- the quantity of product under the complaint,
- description of the problem, including:
a) application - grinding/cutting,
b) workpiece material,
c) type of workpiece being machined,
d) the manufacturer/model of the cutting/grinding machine,
- description of the claims,
- other materials documenting the resulting damage, e.g. photos, videos, etc.
3. Quality and quantity complaints should be reported directly to Sales Department. phone: +48 63 26 26 343, …360, …301, e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.
4. The customer is obliged to write an appropriate damage protocol when irregularities in delivery are detected, i.e. damage to the products during transport or their absence in the shipment: - directly upon receipt of shipment - or in the case of a latent defect up to 7 calendar days from the date of delivery.
5. The customer is obliged to pay particular attention to the content of the above protocol filled out by the carrier with the actual state of the shipment. If the courier is unwilling to document externally visible damage, the shipment should be refused. The damage protocol should be attached to the claim.

VII. Final provisions

1. The General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Polish law.
2. ANDRE company shall store the personal data of the Customers taking into account the statutory regulations and shall process them only in connection with the concluded orders.
3. All materials available on (photos, descriptions, sample documents) are the property of ANDRE and their use, copying and distribution for purposes other than those contained in the contract with the Customer is prohibited.
4. Any disputes between ANDRE company and entrepreneurs, purchasing ANDRE products, will be resolved amicably, otherwise, the disputes will be settled by the common court having jurisdiction over ANDRE company's registered office.