Activities to improve the company's competitiveness include continuous improvement of the organization's efficiency. In the policy developed below, the company's goals have been clearly and precisely defined, which is to serve the development of ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES, consistent with previously adopted mission and vision.

Koło, 20.09.2021 r.

Our priority is to meet the requirements and quality expectations of users of the abrasive tools we manufacture and to ensure that they are safe to use. At the same time, we attach great importance to environmental protection and compliance with labor laws and the safety of our employees, creating a long-term strategy for sustainable development.

We commit ourselves to:

1. Meet legal requirements and other regulations relating to both the quality of manufactured products, as well as environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
2. Continuous improvement of the abrasive tool manufacturing process through the implementation of new technological and technical solutions based on cooperation with scientific and research institutions.
3. Producing professional tools that meet global standards for utility value, environmental impact and safe operation.
4. To prevent the emergence of environmental hazards and to take systematic measures to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment.
5. To take all technical and organizational measures to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases and accidents at work and potentially accidental events, and to use raw materials for production that are as safe as possible for the employee, the user and the natural environment.
6. Raising the level of awareness and competence of employees.
7. To create a positive image of the company towards our stakeholders, i.e. customers, contractors, suppliers, employees and the local community, and to take measures aimed at achieving professional satisfaction of the staff.
8. Provide adequate resources and means to implement this Policy.
9. To continuously improve the quality, environmental, health and safety management system in order to effectively implement the company's mission, vision and strategy in its environment and business environment.

The tool for effective management of the quality of manufactured products, the environment and occupational health and safety is an implemented and integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Signed by:
Tomasz Koziarski
Managing Director