The family company ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES has over 35 years of experience in the abrasive tool industry. The company's history is a bit of an "American Dream"..

The company's beginnings were not easy...

From a simple segment

The company was founded in 1987, starting out in small rented building, producing simple abrasive segments for the defense industry.
A good start, new customers, and, finally, the greater needs of the market of the early 1990s underpinned the decision to choose the company's business profile, which to this day is the production of abrasive tools with a resin and vitrified bond, designed for professional as well as universal applications.
It was then that ANDRE (with sole owner Robert ANDRE) began to develop very intensively.

"When I started my independent business, and the period of systemic transformation began in our country, I decided to give the company a name, which is still valid today. On the one hand, the idea was to link the company's name with my surname (ANDRE), and on the other hand to include in the name the company's business profile in English (ABRASIVE ARTICLES) - which was and is supposed to facilitate communication in matters of import, export and presentation of the company's profile abroad. Over time, the name , "ANDRE" (...) was simply adopted."

Robert Andre

"Step by step" program

Development based on own ideas and patents

The step-by-step development program adopted by Robert ANDRE from the beginning of its operations, based on its own concepts, and consistently implemented to this day, is the production of a wide range of abrasive tools for many different applications, including highly specialized ones.
The company's success over the years is the result of continuous work on the quality of products and the thoughtful implementation of innovative solutions. The company has been cooperating with universities and research institutions for many years, implementing new production technologies and constantly improving the performance parameters of manufactured abrasive tools.

Progress through investment

More than 35 years of implementing new technologies

Three decades of a dynamically developing company are necessarily successive investments. It actually began in the early 1990s, when ANDRE built its own large hall, moving production from rented properties to Przemyslowa Street in Kolo.
Over time, further investments were made in ANDRE's new location. Another production halls were erected, equipped with modern machinery for the production of abrasive tools. As part of the aforementioned investments, a new part of the plant, with the unofficial name of "Alaska", was launched, along with a laboratory, a building for the Sales Department and warehouses.

"I think that the principle of investment rather than consumption that I adopted, and the natural willingness to look for something new and better, combined with the hard work of the team that I managed to recruit for cooperation - were the sources of our company's success."

Robert Andre

ANDRE today

A manufacturer with a strong brand name

Today ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES is a dynamically growing enterprise with a strong presence on the domestic and international markets, cooperating with a group of about 1,000 regular customers at home and abroad.
ANDRE has the relevant safety certificates for its products, and complies with the requirements of European standards EN 12413 (bonded abrasive tools), EN 13743 (coated abrasive tools), EN 13236 (superhard abrasive tools) and industry international standards. At present, the company employs more than 220 people.