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41. Bieg Warciański with a solid cast

ANDRE Team in action

On October 24, the 41st International Bieg Warciański was held in Koło. 

At the starting line of one of the oldest running events in Poland, organized continuously since 1981, 470 participants came to Koło. The best runners and runners from all over Poland, who, as every year, had a 10 km route to cover. Kamil Karbowiak and Izabela Paszkiewicz - a runner from Terespol set an unofficial Polish record ran the fastest. The run was also attended by runners from ANDRE TEAM, which is already a proud tradition.
On November 7, 2021, as part of the Warciański Run, there were Children's and Youth Races, in which ANDRE also actively participated. Beautiful weather, good organization and great willingness to compete made all the participants of the run reach the finish line.
Congratulations to all competitors on the results and the fact that despite the difficult situation in the country, they have not given up coming to the competition. Today we invite you to the next edition of the Bieg Warciański!

ANDRE for football

New sports equipment for Olympia Kolo

For several years, ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES has been supporting young athletes from the team of C1 MKS OLIMPIA KOŁO - born in 2007/2008 by coach Marcin Mielczarek (ANDRE's long-term employee). This year, the company donated funds for the purchase of sports equipment in the form of tracksuits and rainproof nylon. May they serve the players well!

ANDRE focuses on railway construction

Together for the railroad

In January 2021, ANDRE joined the Polish Chamber of Producers of Equipment and Services for Railways. As a producer for railway construction, ANDRE will appear in the new edition of CATALOG OF RAILWAY INDUSTRY COMPANIES 2022/2023 - www.KolejoweFirmy.pl. These activities are to promote ANDRE products and, consequently, to acquire new contractors!
An interesting fact is that as part of various campaigns and marketing activities of the Polish Chamber of Producers of Devices and Services for the Railway, the ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES company will appear, among others, as an element of one of the most popular BIZNES board games - in this case "Railway Business".

ANDRE's stand was very popular

Closer to new technologies

On September 16 - 21, 2019, the world's largest international trade fair dedicated to metalworking took place in Hanover - EMO Hannover 2019. More than 2,200 companies from 44 countries around the world, including 12 from Poland, presented their products and modern technical solutions at the fair. There are many indications that this year's edition of the fair attracted a record number - 130 thousand. visitors.
Of course, the ANDRE company, which has had its stand there for many years, could not be absent from such an event. This year, we presented a new range of large-size grinding wheels based on our innovative technological solutions.

ANDRE with FEPA certificate

Good and safe products

We would like to kindly inform you that the ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES company was admitted in 2017 as a member of the European organization of producers of abrasive tools FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives).
Our membership in FEPA means a sense of belonging to a family of European producers whose main goal is to provide good and safe products.

The main task of FEPA is to represent the European abrasive industry in the world, to promote abrasive tools manufactured in Europe, but also to inform its members about changes in the regulatory framework and to support technical information, scientific services and anticipate future challenges in the abrasives sector.

ANDRE summer grinding

Abrasive illuminations on rails

Nothing pleases the producer as much as the sight of working with his products. In August 2016, interesting night illuminations could be seen on the streets of Poznań. It was then that the rails on the tram tracks were ground, using specialized ANDRE products.