Innovation in the production process

Necessary technology for modern solutions

On 13.03.2009 the company ZWAŚ ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES Robert Andre received funding under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program Priority I "Competitiveness of enterprises", Measure 1.2 - Support for the development of SMEs for the years 2007- 2013 for the implementation of the project titled "Implementation of an innovative process of production and testing of strength of grinding wheels type 41, 42, 27"

The subject of the project is the purchase of innovative equipment for the production of grinding wheels through which the following objectives will be achieved:
• achievement of a significant increase in ANDRE's competitiveness in the domestic, European and global markets in the production of new and improved grinding wheels type 41, 42, 27.
• reducing the unit production cost of type 41 grinding wheels achieved by automating the production process, as a result of which the company will achieve a high quality/performance/price ratio, giving it an advantage over its competitors.
• ensuring improved safety of grinding wheel operation by introducing full, process control, independent of the press operator,
• achieving much better repeatability of production, guaranteeing stable, top-quality products.

Total investment value: 2,928,000.00 PLN
Amount subsidized by the European Regional Development Fund: 1,2000,000.00 PLN

In addition, the project is in line with the basic objectives of the Strategy of the Wielkopolska Region - as a result of its implementation, employment will be increased in the company, there will also be a significant increase in the development potential of the company through the use of modern production and research technologies, the foundations for the further development of its own Research and Development Department will be laid.
The project in question is also in line with the strategic objectives of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program, directly corresponding to the Community Strategic Guidelines and the National Development Strategy in terms of improving investment conditions, increasing the professional activity of residents and increasing the share of knowledge and innovation in the economy of our Koło region