Over 35 years of experience

A strong European brand, built from scratch


The family company ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES has over 35 years of experience in the abrasive tool industry. The company's history is a bit of an "American Dream"..

The company's beginnings were not easy...

From a simple segment

The company was founded in 1987, starting out in small rented building, producing simple abrasive segments for the defense industry.
A good start, new customers, and, finally, the greater needs of the market of the early 1990s underpinned the decision to choose the company's business profile, which to this day is the production of abrasive tools with a resin and vitrified bond, designed for professional as well as universal applications.
It was then that ANDRE (with sole owner Robert ANDRE) began to develop very intensively.

"When I started my independent business, and the period of systemic transformation began in our country, I decided to give the company a name, which is still valid today. On the one hand, the idea was to link the company's name with my surname (ANDRE), and on the other hand to include in the name the company's business profile in English (ABRASIVE ARTICLES) - which was and is supposed to facilitate communication in matters of import, export and presentation of the company's profile abroad. Over time, the name , "ANDRE" (...) was simply adopted."

Robert Andre

"Step by step" program

Development based on own ideas and patents

The step-by-step development program adopted by Robert ANDRE from the beginning of its operations, based on its own concepts, and consistently implemented to this day, is the production of a wide range of abrasive tools for many different applications, including highly specialized ones.
The company's success over the years is the result of continuous work on the quality of products and the thoughtful implementation of innovative solutions. The company has been cooperating with universities and research institutions for many years, implementing new production technologies and constantly improving the performance parameters of manufactured abrasive tools.

Progress through investment

More than 35 years of implementing new technologies

Three decades of a dynamically developing company are necessarily successive investments. It actually began in the early 1990s, when ANDRE built its own large hall, moving production from rented properties to Przemyslowa Street in Kolo.
Over time, further investments were made in ANDRE's new location. Another production halls were erected, equipped with modern machinery for the production of abrasive tools. As part of the aforementioned investments, a new part of the plant, with the unofficial name of "Alaska", was launched, along with a laboratory, a building for the Sales Department and warehouses.

"I think that the principle of investment rather than consumption that I adopted, and the natural willingness to look for something new and better, combined with the hard work of the team that I managed to recruit for cooperation - were the sources of our company's success."

Robert Andre

ANDRE today

A manufacturer with a strong brand name

Today ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES is a dynamically growing enterprise with a strong presence on the domestic and international markets, cooperating with a group of about 1,000 regular customers at home and abroad.
ANDRE has the relevant safety certificates for its products, and complies with the requirements of European standards EN 12413 (bonded abrasive tools), EN 13743 (coated abrasive tools), EN 13236 (superhard abrasive tools) and industry international standards. At present, the company employs more than 220 people.

A leader in the abrasive tool industry with a strong presence in the domestic and international markets, cooperating with a group of more than 1,000 regular customers at home and abroad.

Manufacturer of professional abrasive tools

Family-owned company

ANDRE is a Polish family-owned company that designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of resin and vitrified bonded abrasive tools for roughing and precision machining of many types of materials.
ANDRE manufactures both universal, typical abrasive tools and products to individual orders.


   ANDRE's mission is to achieve a significant position on the domestic and foreign markets in the abrasive industry based on knowledge, experience and stability, which combined with a sense of bond with employees and the external environment, will create the image of a strong Polish Brand.
   ANDRE's offer is directed primarily to professional users in many industrial sectors who are looking for safe abrasive tools with a favorable price-quality ratio.


   We want to be seen as a stable, dynamically developing company, highly rated in the abrasive tool industry in terms of:

1. Quality and repeatability of our production process:
limiting the number of complaints to incidental cases.
2. Safety at work in our plant and in use of our products:
eliminating accidents at work and during operation of our grinding wheels.

3. Care for the natural environment:
no excess emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

Universal and specialized abrasive tools

Cooperation with representatives of many industries

ANDRE tools are widely used in many industries, such as railroad construction, toolmaking, automotive, bearing, metallurgy, foundry, and even the food, medical and tobacco industries.

ANDRE's interest in another person and in the social and cultural space (in which the company operates) reflects the idea of corporate social responsibility, which is becoming more and more popular in business circles. ANDRE is a company that is a local leader both in terms of activating employees and the entire local community.

Committed to community life

Human-oriented company

ANDRE is a company with something very "typical" and unusual at the same time.
Like many companies, ANDRE supports employees in many aspects of their personal activities, not only providing them with good working conditions, but also ensuring a positive atmosphere at work. The company, despite the great effort it puts into commercial activities every day, also actively participates in the life of the local community, taking care of good PR in the process. It does this so intensively that it is no longer typical for companies, but rather unusually so.

Human relations matter

People are important

ANDRE attaches exceptional importance to building good relations with its employees. Every year, ANDRE prepares a festive Christmas Eve, during which the company's president presents thanks and awards to deserving employees. Women's Day is solemnly celebrated at the company, a Christmas tree ball for the children of the employee crew is interestingly organized. A permanent integration point is theaAnnual Company Picnic, present in the calendar since 1997.
ANDRE builds a good atmosphere through openness and interest in the matters of the crew. Since 2006, the Employee Council has been operating in the company, which is a valuable intermediary in contacts between employees and the management board.

A company with a flair for sport

A truly integrated community

ANDRE has been promoting sports activities and co-organizing various sports events for years. The company successfully popularizes sports activities among the employees - it rents sports facilities and makes them available to employees. Company shooting competitions is very popular. Together with the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Koło, it periodically co-organizes a number of sports events for the local community. These include the Run for the ANDRE President's Cup or the popular ANDRE CUP, a local soccer tournament.
The ANDRE Team, an amateur running group composed of employees, customers and friends of the company, takes part in various running events.

"I am aware of how difficult social activity is without financial support. So when the company's situation allows it, I try to help individuals and associations in our city. To tell the truth, this help is not completely disinterested, as it also serves the company, for example in the form of advertising and creating a positive image for it (...)"

Robert Andre

Active participation

Local social leader

The company financially supports a wide variety of charitable causes, cultural events (festivals, harvest festivals, concerts, tournaments), funds scholarships and supports schools and kindergartens.
Robert ANDRE has also been cooperating for many years with the Museum of Ceramic Techniques in Koło, where he contributes as chairman of the Museum Council. In a special way, due to his hobby, he has also supported the FAKT Photoclub in Koło,
The company is involved in pro-ecological activities, including collection of electronic waste, and the money obtained is donated to local foundations in Koło.

ANDRE is today one of the leaders in abrasive industry, having won numerous awards and enjoying the respect and trust of its partners for many years.

Fair Play Enterprise

The National Chamber of Commerce awarded ANDRE the title of Fair Play Enterprise for the fourteenth time. At ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES, the "fair-play" culture has been in force since its inception, and the receipt of this award confirms the reliability of actions and motivates to continuous improvement of the culture and ethics of the organization.

Reliable Partner

During the opening ceremony of the International Trade Fair of Technologies and Products for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services "POL-ECO-SYSTEM", organized by the Poznań International Fair, ANDRE was awarded a special diploma of appreciation for participation in the "RELIABLE PARTNER" program.
The RELIABLE PARTNER program has a 20-year tradition and is carried out under the auspices of the European Commission Representation in Poland and the President of the National Bank of Poland. In justification of the award, Program Coordinator - Mr. Michał Wieczorek presented ANDRE company as one of the very good examples of socially responsible action in the local environment.

Regional Leader of Innovation and Development 2011
Distinction in the 4th edition of the National Leaders of Innovation and Development competition

Title and distinction awarded by the Innovation and Development Foundation in the category "Innovative EU Product - Medium-sized Companies", for the implementation of an innovative process for the production and strength testing of grinding wheels of types 41, 42 and 27.

Wielkopolska Quality Manager

Honorary title of Wielkopolska Quality Manager for ANDRE in recognition of its achievements in management by quality and its long-standing involvement in Wielkopolska Union programs.

Ambassador of the Polish Economy

Title awarded in 2010 by the Business Centre Club under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the category PARTNER OF FOREIGN COMPANIES.

European Medal

Awarded in 2004 by the Office of the Committee for European Integration and BCC for thin cut-off wheels METAL+INOX.

Quality of Wielkopolska

For the twelfth time, our company was the winner of the "Wielkopolska Quality" competition for achievements in the field of modern technological solutions in the production of abrasive tools.

Business Gazelle

The daily newspaper "Puls Biznesu" confirms that for many years ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES has belonged to the elite club of Business Gazelles - the most dynamically developing companies.

Certificate "Transparent Company"

This is the highest distinction in the field of business morality awarded by Dun and Bradstreet Poland Sp. z o.o., proving the fulfillment of the obligation to timely publication of financial statements as well as financial reliability and honesty.

Gold Medal of the Poznan International Fair

Distinction awarded in 2004 for type 41 thin cuting-off wheels at the Industrial Technology and Investment Goods Fair.

Employer - Safe Work Organizer

The State Labor Inspectorate awarded the Third Prize of the Chief Labor Inspector in the nationwide competition EMPLOYER - SAFE WORK ORGANIZER 2004.

Pillar of Business in Wielkopolska

Award of the Wielkopolska Capital Club and Głos Wielkopolski - for the heads of small and medium-sized enterprises, awarded in the category of QUALITY PRODUCTS, in 2003 and 2005.


Awarded in the 3rd edition of the competition under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy - Office of the Committee for European Integration in 2002.

Entrepreneurship Leader

The Foundation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Warsaw awarded our company an award in the competition: "Leader of Entrepreneurship 2002". In the same competition in 2005, the company received an honorable mention.