Markings of selected non-reinforced grinding wheels

In the case of non-reinforced abrasive tools offered by ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES, we are most often dealing with spray marking containing a mandatory package of information.

Non-reinforced resin bonded wheel marked by spray method

Non-reinforced resin bonded cutting-off wheel type 41 with dimensions D = 250[mm], T = 1.55[mm], H = 32[mm] and technical characteristics 53A 80 2M 6B, maximum peripheral working speed V = 63 [m/s], is marked as shown below.

41 - 250x1,55x32-53A802M6B-63

1 - Name of manufacturer

2 - Type of grinding wheel (shape)

3 - Dimensions of grinding wheel

4 - Technical characteristics of grinding wheel

5 - Colored belt according to color code

6 - Maximum permissible peripheral speed [m/s]

7 - Maximum permissible rotational speed [rpm]

8 - Number of safety standard