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Fibre discs


Fibre discs are designed for universal grinding applications – beginning with the removal of excess material, rust, weld seams, burrs, and ending with an improved surface finish. Depending on the type of abrasive grain, fibre discs are designed for machining various materials.

ANDRE flexible fibre discs ensure improved:

  • working efficiency
  • increased tool life

ECO Line
Material: Aluminium Oxide grain
Purpose: Grinding
Workpiece: metals, wood
Aluminium Oxide grain coated with phenolic resin on a 0.8mm fibre backing.


PRO Line
Material: Zirconia grain
Purpose: Aggressive grinding
Przeznaczenie: metale, stal, aluminium
Description: Zirconia grain coated with phenolic resin on a 0.8mm fibre backing. The PRO LINE has an improved tool life and higher stock removal rate.


Material: Ceramic grain
Purpose: Very aggressive grinding
Przeznaczenie: stal nierdzewna, tytan, stopy metali
Description: Ceramic grain coated with phenolic resin on a 0.85mm fibre backing. The MASTER LINE provides cool grinding, increased tool life and durability, even on difficult surfaces i.e. stainless steel.

The offer includes 125mm diameter fibre discs with a 22mm slotted bore. Available in 4 grit sizes:


Version Grain size Dimensions
Cut type

ECO Line

36, 40, 60, 80 125 x 22 cross

PRO Line